Pilipinong Scientist Ang Unang Naka-Imbento Nitong Water Supplemented Stove

Despite all the publicity about labor and jobs and so on, there are some Filipinos who, through their own ingenuity, invented products to fill a need.

An inventor in Cotabato has discovered how to run a stove without using gas or electricity but with water. He call it “water supplemented stove.”

It can actually run with any liquid as long as it will not emit CO2.

According to a featured article by Trending News Portal, the first ever water-supplemented helps reduce combustion of fossil fuels which is an environmental concern.

Along with it is a video posted by Tubig Fuel Supplement Pag-asa sa Pag-unlad ng Pilipino Facebook page that explains how the stove works.

Besides using this invention as a cooking tool, it can also be used a car engine fuel.

Check out the video below:

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