Lies Na Sinasabi Ng Mga Babae Sa Kanilang Mga Boyfriends at Kung Ano Ang Ibig Sabihin Ng Mga Yun

It’s not surprising anymore if we heard about men lying to their girlfriends. A common trait that our society has been aware of.

From the lies that hurt, to the little white lies every man seems to tell his significant other just to ensure he has an easy life.

But what about the common lies girlfriends tell their boyfriends? As you might suspect, these lies are a bit different and typically have very different motives.

Girls usually lie to their boyfriends either to spare their feelings, to avoid a fight or maybe even to manipulate their way into being comforted.

Here are the 13 common lies a girl might tell her boyfriend:

1. I’m almost ready

By now, you’ve got to know this one is a lie. It’s not an intentional one, but “five minutes” means 15.

2. I’m tired

Translation: I’m bloated and gassy and don’t really feeling like hanging out and farting on you all night.

3. It was on sale

Often, this is technically not a lie, it’s just that girls probably have different ideas of what a sale is. You might think that if it’s 50% off it’s on sale eventhough it’s still over a hundred bucks.

4. I was doing my makeup/hair/shaving my legs

Translation: Actually I was pooping, but don’t feel like disclosing this information to you.

5. I’m not jealous

This can said be in reference to both male and female friends, and especially about a guy’s mother, but it always means the same: “I’m terrified of being the jealous girlfriend stereotype, so I will hide my true emotions.”

6. My phone’s about to die

Guys aren’t the only ones who use this line. Girls are out with their friends, and, at that moment, shopping and chit-chatting is more interesting than your fantasy football stats.

7. I’m not hungry

This is a bad one, and I can’t tell you exactly why girls say it. It is not uncommon for us to utter this untruth, only order an appetizer, and then they expect you to share half of your main with us, or we steal all of your fries 20 minutes later. No matter what, always order extra.

8. I’m not mad

If you had to ask the question, the simple answer is that they probably are mad. But for them, there are many conditions on the anger spectrum, such as ‘frustrated,’ ‘sooo pissed,’ ‘ticked-off,’ ‘mad at the situation,’ ‘annoyed,’ and many more. Don’t worry, you’ll find out exactly which one a few hours after you ask.

9. He’s just a friend

Here is where it gets tricky. Most of the time this is true. But this is also how a girl describes any guy she used to hook up with but who still inhabits her social circle.

10. There’s no more [insert delicious food here]

This applies to the girl whose boyfriend comes over to her house and eats everything.

11. I’m on my period

Some of girls use this lie to spare the guys feelings on those nights when they prefer to just lie on the couch while compulsively shoving food down their throats.

12. You’re the biggest I’ve ever been with

Either it’s true, or you have expressed some weird dick insecurities that have made her feel the need to stretch the truth. If you sit around the average of 5.5 inches, I’m sure you can tell which one it is.

13. I look like this naturally

This is a myth girls expect guys to believe when. However, it’s most likely the result of carefully applied ‘natural’ lip/cheek stain and B&B cream. There is also probably some kind of texturizing agent in the hair.

Next time your date or girlfriend comes out with one of the following phrases – or you, as a girlfriend, find yourself tempted to pull out one of these gems – be aware that you’re falling victim to a cliche.

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