Anong Klaseng Babae Ka Base Sa Buwan Ng Iyong Kapanganakan

Did you know that the month you were born can says a lot about your personality?

From January to December, each month has a special meaning.

Read on and find out what your month says about you.


If you are one of those ladies who are born in January, probably you are ambitious, conservative and serious. Rarely you are angry, but when you are, it is better not be in your presence. Those ladies want intellectual people that share same views of life.


Women born in this month are very romantic, you should treat them with patience because of the changing mood, not everyone could understand them.


Women born in this month have strong charisma and charm, also are dedicated and loyal. However, it’s hard for them to fall in love.


If you are woman that is born in April, you are diplomat and but to communicate. However, they can be very jealous. The April girl will make you the happiest man on the planet.


Ladies born in May are very persistent and faithful to their principles and are very nice, in a physical way. Still, combined with the difficult character, they become dangerous to any man who falls in love with them because will remember as long as they are alive.


If you are born in June, probably you are very creative and communicative, but also very curious. In love, they are very dangerous players. Men for them, are like toys.


These ladies are very honest, do not allow anybody to come close near them. They’re also mysterious, very intelligent, beautiful and at a higher level than the rest.


Women born in August are unique combination of great heart and egoism! Do not mess with these ladies, because sooner or later she will win. Despite being happy with an incredible sense of humor, they do not allow anyone to mock them.


Those ladies are kind, disciplined and beautiful. They will never forgive the one who betrays them, so be very careful not to hurt them because they’ll surely take their revenge.


Those women demonstrate strength and independence. They have an iron character, but are very emotional at the same time. Rarely cry in front of other people. They are smart, and don’t open their soul to everyone, knowing that people tend to abuse it.


November ladies are always one step ahead of everyone else. They immediately recognize a lie. You should not play with these women because you will get the worst end of it.


Women born in December actually are born with a lot of luck, impatient but always find a way to get out of any situation as winners. They know how to lift their moods. Their heart is great, people sometimes hurt them, but because God is on their side at the end they get what they deserve.

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