Ang Pag Kain Ng Celery Bago Matulog Ay Talagang Nakatutulong Sa Ating Kalusugan Kasama Na Dito Ang Pagbabawas Ng Timbang, Cancer Prevention at Stress

Celery is a vegetable refined globally and is being widely used in various cuisines like American, Australian, and Japanese.

Celery, as an ingredient, it is usually found in veggie salad and soups, or as a decoration to a lot of various dishes.

Several people, on the other hand, prefer to consume it fresh which is also okay due to it is filling but not fattening.

Most likely, many people consume celery or sometimes mix it with other veggies as an ingredient, without knowing its healthful content that can be helpful to their health.

Aside for it made up of Vitamins A, K, C, E, D, and B, celery has been known as anti-hypertensive contents for centuries now.

It has been manifested to include cardiovascular benefits. In several of the current studies, celery contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory contents.

These things can really help in enhancing the blood pressure, and also the levels of cholesterol and it even stops the heart diseases or attacks.

Moreover, celery gives a lot of health benefits and below is the 9 reasons why you really love this kind of vegetable:

– Celery soothes swelling so if your joints are in pain or you are feeling so swelling, just consume this veggie and your condition will surely get better.

Also, celery has many numbers of both polyphenols and antioxidants. As a matter of fact, an asthmatic patient has been using this and she is now getting fine.

– Cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol), may be reduce once you consume celery.

This veggie contains phthalides which has the potential to lower the level of cholesterol. It has been manifested and tested by researchers that eating at least 2 stalk of celery can actually lower LDL for up to 7%.

– As celery has many water and insoluble fiber, it also boosts digestion and even in controlling the stool. Based to some specialist, it is the perfect diuretic because of its cleansing contents.

– Another is that celery has been verified to lower high blood pressure. Celery has an active compound which is known as phthalides that has the potential to enhance the circulation of the blood by up to 14%.

– Eating this everyday can really lower the stress hormones in the blood.

– This let your blood vessels to enlarge, providing your blood more room to move, thereby lessening pressure. It also has potassium that acts as a vasolidator, decreasing blood pressure.

– Next is that celery helps in being healthy decreasing weight. Celery has at least 10 calories and the rest is containing of water. So when you consume celery juice, or even just by consuming celery before having your meal, it will lessen the tendency of you too much eating due to it will quickly feel full.

– If you are feeling stressed and depressed then celery can help you in reducing your levels of stress. Every 100 milligrams of celery has at least 11 milligrams of magnesium. Hence, it can definitely help you in lessening your levels of stress, and it also has much oil.

– Celery also helps in balancing your levels of alkaline. At one hand, the pH levels in your body will stay at a healthy state because your intake of celery, on the other hand your acidic level will be reducing instead.

– Lastly, celery has the potential to help you in combatting cancer. This veggie has cancer-combatting components namely phthalides, flavonoids, and polyacetylenes. It has been manifested and tested that celery can really stop the formation of breast cancer.

Source: Read and Digest Health

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